Terms and Conditions of our Society


Policies & Procedures


  1. The Driving School does NOT refund any tuition monies or any part thereof.


This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the Driving School and the Client(Student/Parent).

No verbal promises not contained herein shall bind the Driving School nor the client.

  1. The School will not be held responsible for delays caused by mechanical failure, unsafe driving conditions due to bad weather, street construction, heavy traffic or any other reason over which the school has no control (i.e. public school closings, state of emergencies, etc.) The school will make every effort to give the student as much notice as possible for potential delays and work with the student to reschedule if needed.


  1. The student and/or their parents(client) understands that certain hazards and risks are inherent in the operation of motor vehicles. The client does hereby specifically assume all risks as may be incurred in the normal operation of a motor vehicle during the course of instruction. All vehicles are fully covered with liability insurance.  The client (student) will hereby fully and completely release the Driving School, its agent and employees from any liability whatsoever and from any and all claims or causes of action resulting or arising from any damage or injuries suffered by student (client) during this course or any extension thereof, to the extent that such claim shall not be covered by the school’s insurance coverage.  The student (client) hereby further agrees to indemnify and hold the Driving School harmless from any claim made against it for any damage or injury suffered by any person, company, corporation or other entity, growing out of the student’s operation of school vehicle, or as a result of the student’s course of instruction, to the extent that such a claim is not covered by the School of Wheels’ insurance.

 Changes and Cancellation Policy

The following will result in a “N0-SHOW/CANCELLATION” and student/client will be charged $60.00 per hour for the scheduled driving hour(s).  Please be advised:

  1. Students MUST provide a minimum of 24 Hour notice for all cancellation of lessons.
  2. Unwanted lessons must be done at least one day ahead, you will be charged when you cancel or reschedule on the day of your appointment.
  3. Original Learner Permit Must be produced by student/clients for all Behind the Wheel & Observation sessions. No Photo copy of any learner's permit will be accepted.
  4. Students must be on time for all their appointments. Students arriving more 10 minutes late will be canceled and will result in a no-show.
  5. Students must wear corrective lenses/eyeglasses if their permits require.
  6. If the student is under the influence of marijuana, alcohol or any illicit substances and/or if the student is operating the motor vehicle in a reckless and dangerous manner the lesson will be terminated and result into a no-show.
  7. A student must practice proper hygiene (bathe, use deodorant, brush teeth). When student body odor is offensive to an unbearable degree, they will be asked to reschedule, resulting in a no-show and a $60.00 charge.


Appointment Scheduling

Appointments can be scheduled Mondays – Fridays between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.  Weekend & Monday cancellations must be done no later than 6:00 p.m. on the Friday before the weekend.


Pick-up and Drop-off for driving lessons and for observation hours are at the Driving School’s principal place of business.  As a courtesy, we offer alternative pickup/drop-off (with restrictions) services at home and designate nearby High Schools.

Road Test Sponsorship

Road Test Sponsorship is an additional service that the Driving School, for a separate charge.  The charge for Road Test Sponsorship does NOT include the $85.00 fee charged by the RMV, neither does it include the $30.00 charged for Driver’s Education Student Certification.  Those fees are separate and must be paid to the RMV.

The required $85.00 that must be paid, by students, to the RMV includes $50.00 for the issuance of the Driver’s License and $35.00 for the Road Test Examiner to administer the actual road test.

Lessons will be terminated with:

  1. The use of cellular phones and other electronic devices during lessons.
  2. If you (student) appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of any illicit substances, or if your demeanor appears erratic and present dangerous & unsafe operation of a motor vehicle, lessons will be terminated


For Your Information

  1. Lessons must be prepaid in full, by Certified Checks, US Postal Money Orders, or Pay-Pal.
  2. It is the customers’ responsibilities to directly contact RoadTestDriving.Com to ascertain the availability of dates and times for Driver’s license road tests sponsorship, prior to making payments for road tests through our Paypal services.
  3. Sponsorship includes: Meeting you at the RMV, the use of our vehicle for your road test, and us representing you as the sponsor for your driving exam.
  4. Premium Road Test Sponsorship Package includes: picking you up, a 45 minutes review lesson, transporting you to the RMV, the use of our vehicle for your road test exam, and us representing you as the sponsor for your driving test.
  5. Driver’s License Road Test Sponsorship payments MUST be paid for in full, when you scheduled your sponsorship for road tests.
  6. For road test sponsorship services outside of our coverage area (Boston/Braintree), an additional charge on a per-mile cost will be charged.
  7. Sponsorship Fees are for Sponsorship Only. Fees do NOT include registry fees.
  8. Sponsorship Fees are Non-refundable if you failed your road test.
  9. Sponsorship Fees are Non-refundable if you are late for your appointment and you are refused a road test by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  10. Sponsorship Fees are Non-refundable if you are unprepared for your road tests.
  11. If you cancel/reschedule your road test, you MUST notify our Driving school no later than 5 Days in advance to schedule another sponsorship date.
  12. A transaction fee of 2.7% that is charged for payments done through PayPal will be added to your invoice.  This fee is charged by PayPal, not by us

Contact Us at:  310-619-3636

Email us at Roadtestdriving@gmail.com